Jan 26, 2012

Another Bill and Ted...EXCELLENT!

It was announced last year that Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter were ready to team up for Bill and Ted 3. While they have a script, there is still a lot they have to do to make it happen, like get the rights and the time. But what they need most is...a title.

So you're probably thinking "why blog about this?"

Well, I was up all night, tossing and turning, trying to figure out what the title could be. I wasted a lot of hours pondering this.

There is one consistent, having "Bill and Ted's" in the title. E.g. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey. Next you need a slang descriptive term. Since this would be their third movie after a long hiatus, I'm guessing it would be along the lines of "excellent" rather than "bogus." Plus, the sequel didn't do as well among audiences, so it would be safer to connect to the original.

Alright, so we need to find a slang term similar to "excellent."


Or something less slangy:


But once you have your description, you need a word for their "adventure" or "journey."

-Experience? (This would make it sound a bit LSD-y)
-Enterprise? (Are they meeting Captain Kirk?)
-Crusade or Hajj? (Religious connotations)

There are tons they could use. But then again, they could break from the formula and come up with a cheesy title.

-Wyld Stallyns Ride Again?
-Bill and Ted Party On?

I hope not. And the title I came up with? Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you...


Yep. I spent hours coming up with that.
So, there you have it. And remember, be excellent to each other and PARTY ON, DUDES!

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