Jan 11, 2012

The Art of the Bromance

Bromance- n. the complicated love and affection shared by two straight males.

Definition provided by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online.

Think of all your male friends, I'm sure there are two or more who come to mind that share a unique bond that is indescribable. I can call to mind at least three to four bromances I've had the fortune to witness in life. But there is a subtle art to the bond shared. Having picked apart some of my favorite bromances in life, literature and television, I've noticed a trend. Five characteristics they all share:

A Common Goal
Looking Past Eccentricities
Sacrifice/Protection (Showing one's love by sacrificing themselves for their friend's protection.)

Join me as I break down three of my favorite bromances of all time.

3) Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert

Who doesn't love these two? With the craziness of the world, it seems that they are possibly the most sane people in news.
--- A Common Goal: Like I said, the media has gone rather wild in the world of 24/hr news and these guys are here to poke fun, as well as set viewers straight.
--- Trust: Whatever Jon doesn't cover, there is a good chance Stephen will within the next half-hour. Jon has such faith in Stephen, that he was a leading player in starting The Colbert Report. UPDATE: Stephen has forked over his Colbert Super PAC to Jon, so that he can run for President of the United States of South Carolina. It is now "The Definitely Not Coordinating with Stephen Colbert Super PAC."
--- Sacrifice/Protection: Here's a video for evidence. Skip toward the end for the fight.

--- Teasing: This is more on the Colbert side of things. He's taken a few shots at Stewart on his program, but it is all in good fun.

2) Greg House and James Wilson - House

These two are more at odds than not. But as best friends, they are one of the few constants in each of their lives.
--- A Common Goal: As doctors, they do what they can to save lives. In Wilson's case, this means keeping House in line.
---Trust: Yeah, not a lot of trust coming from Wilson, but House finds his friend predictable and trusts in that. Wilson can also trust House to be an ass most of the time.
---Looking Past Eccentricities: House can be a handful, with his rude demeanor and disregard for the rules, but he's Wilson's best friend. And while House is rather mean to Wilson about the many divorces, he sticks by his friend.
---Sacrifice/Protection: How many times has Wilson had to bail out House? How many times has he tried to bring House out of addiction. While it seemed Wilson was done playing Mother to house after the stint in prison, he was able to let go of it all with a punch and then dinner.
--- Teasing: Who doesn't love the prank wars and bets these two get into. Some involve loose chickens and others deal with net traps.

1) Shawn Spencer and Burton "Gus" Guster - Psych

You can't have a bromance list without these two at the top. Best friends since childhood, these two have grown up together and their is no shortage of love between them.
--- A Common Goal: As the owner's of Psych these two are private detectives who solve mysteries, mostly to help the Santa Barbara Police Department. While Shawn's photographic memory and crazy attention to detail play a big part, Gus is not idle. His work as a pharmaceutical salesman has helped many times, not to mention his knowledge of rather weird facts and "the super-sniffer."
--- Trust: Okay, to be honest, Gus doesn't trust Shawn as much as he should. Then again, if Shawn hadn't given Gus the wrong letter to "aggiornamento," Gus wouldn't have lost. However, Shawn has full trust in Gus and his abilities.
---Looking Past Eccentricities: Well, Shawn likes to pretend he's psychic, not to mention his inability to grow up. Gus is a bit more mature, but even he can't help goofing off when around his best friend. Shawn is able to put up with Gus' nerdiness, even though Gus believe he's one of the coolest guys around.
---Sacrifice/Protection: Shawn and Gus always have each others' backs. The best example for this would be in the episode "Gus Walks Into a Bank." When Shawn hears that the bank has been held hostage, he does all he can to get in and make sure his friend leaves safely.
---Teasing: I think this video will explain it best.

Here are some more of my favorite Bromances:

-Neil Caffrey and Peter Burke - White Collar

Myron Bolitar and Windsor Horne Lockwood III - Myron Bolitar Mysteries

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson

-Merlin and Arthur Pendragon (and Colin Morgan and Bradley James) - Merlin
Check out this music video they made behind the scenes.

-Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins

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