Jul 13, 2012


First off, I want to say that I am extremely excited for this film. I’ve watched the trailer a few times and decided that I wanted to break down my thoughts on how the film is being portrayed in just this first, short teaser. 

1)   Black and white vs. color: I love that Sam Raimi is staying true to the roots of The Wizard of Oz and using color to set off the wonder that is Oz. 

2)   I’m a bit skeptical about James Franco. His delivery of the line, “I want to be a great one,” seems a bit forced and campy. However, his reactions to Oz (which basically make up the rest of his time in the teaser) look more genuine, which is why I’m only a BIT skeptical. 

3)   The visuals are STUNNING! I read that while there is a lot of CGI in the film (how could there not be?) a lot of the sets were actually built. With a $200,000,000 budget, that’s the least they could do, right? 

4)   Sam Raimi’s camera techniques are always great. My favorite being the throw of the hat.

5)   Who is who?: The roles of the witches are misleading within the trailer. At first glance, it makes you believe that Rachel Weis is The Wicked Witch of the West. However, based off of info from the Comic-Con panel, it turns out she is the Wicked Witch of the East and Mila Kunis is of the West. My guess is that the film will also show why she becomes wicked (she doesn’t seem pretty evil in the trailer). 

6)   Soldiers and monkeys: You only caught a quick glimpse of them, but they look so true to the originals. Super excited!

7)   And finally, the green hand at the end: Are we going to see why WWotW becomes green and evil? God, I hope so!

1)   Wasn’t it all just a dream for Dorothy? I’m curious as to whether they will allude to this fact in the film or just completely ignore it. To Dorothy, The Wizard was still living in Kansas when she left and when she woke up. 

2)   What the hell was that fairy thing? It was creepy and weird. I’m guessing it’s something from Baum’s books, at least I hope so. 

3)   Why can’t this movie come out sooner!?!?!

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