Nov 9, 2013

Thoughts on Loki in Thor: The Dark World (SPOILERS!)

There has been a lot of speculation about Loki in Thor 2 and some people saying that there wasn’t the real “character redemption” that they had hoped for.
So here is my response and a few things I’m curious about.

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On character redemption:
To me, Loki’s role in the film was just like the character, complicated. That’s what makes him so unique and draws you in. While others may disagree, I believe that he showed a lot of growth within this film.

During the beginning of the film, Loki rejects Frigga as his mother since he learned he was adopted. Yet, when hearing about her death, he becomes upset (more on his reaction later). He even speaks of her during his time with Thor, showing that he deeply cared for her.

During Loki and Thor’s fight with Malekith, Loki is ultimately on Thor’s side. And when Thor is being beaten by Kursed, Loki comes to his rescue. He faces his own death (still trying to figure out how he survived) to save Thor. He could easily have watched Thor die, but instead he comes to his brother’s rescue. Whereas in Thor and The Avengers, he was all about killing Thor.

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It’s Loki’s last scene that is angering people, but to me, it also shows character development/redemption.

Pretending to be Odin, he gives Thor his blessing to leave Asgard and be with Jane. Loki knows that Thor always seeks his father’s approval and that it would mean a great deal to have Odin’s blessing in this decision. To me, this adds to Loki’s renewed brotherly feelings.

Yes, Loki seems to have found a way to take the throne of Asgard away from Odin, but his problems with his adopted father are much more complicated and deeply seeded than those with Frigga or Thor. Therefore, I can’t really begrudge him for this. Also, being mischievous is part of Loki’s character/charm.

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On Loki’s imprisonment:
We are to believe that Loki is still put together after a year and a half of imprisonment. He taunts and acts indifferent in many cases until Thor arrives to seek his help. It is at this moment that Loki shows what he has become. On first glance, you believe that his ragged appearance and trashed furniture are from his mourning of Frigga, but if he had the power to alter the appearance of his cell, could he have been doing it the entire time? Could this be how he was really handling his imprisonment? His hurt and anger are clearly shown within this moment and I find it easy to believe that this is what truly became of him during the year and a half he spent in the cell.

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What are your thoughts?

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