Apr 1, 2013

My Good Morning (America)

Okay everyone, I’m sure you’re all tired of me talking about yakking on FB and Twitter, but bare with me one more time, cause this was amazing.

It's been one year since Newsies opened and they have been doing a lot to celebrate. Last weekend they had free lotto tickets, which of course my friends and I tried to win. We didn't. But we did get a flier saying that the first 60 people to e-mail their names would win tickets to see the boys perform on Good Morning America. AND WE WON!

So I woke my butt up super freakin’ early on April 1st (this morning) to meet my friends (who also got in) at the stage door. We didn’t wait too long before they let us in, through security and up to the performance room. Once inside, they passed out free Newsies caps (retail price $26). We watched the boys rehearse, then the stagehand lined us up so we could cheer them on when they ran in. While we were waiting, Marie Osmond and Stana Katic (Castle) came through the studio from their interviews. It was really unexpected.

The performance was fantastic. They had filmed the first part of the song last week, so we were only there for the last 30 seconds of it. But it was still freaking amazing! When it was time for them to wave to the camera, I was moving around, on my tip-toes trying to get a good picture. All of a sudden, the cameraman took my phone and snapped one for me, followed by a photo of his monitor. ALWAYS MAKE FRIENDS WITH THE CAMERAMAN! He also gave me his breakdown sheet as a souvenir.

Afterward, the cast hung around to mingle with their fans. Yup, they are that awesome. We got pictures with them in their costumes and talked to them about the show. They were all extremely nice. I may or may not have been trying to flirt with the actor who plays Specs. (We all know how horrible I am at flirting.)  Anyway, we got our photos and as we walked out - bonus! - we were handed a flier for A FREE TICKET TO THE SHOW! You can bet I’m using that. Especially since they’ve changed up the choreography and have new cast members.

That’s all for now.  My cast pictures are below! 

Corey Cott (Jack Kelly)
Tommy Bracco (Spot Conlon)

Garrett Hawe
Andy Richardson (Crutchie)

Michael Fatica
Adam Kaplan (Delancey Brother)

John Michael Fiumara (Specs)
Ryan Breslin (Race)

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